WAHA: War at Home and Abroad

The War At Home and Abroad (WAHA) archive is a digital and oral history project carried out by the efforts of the Department of History at California State University San Marcos in coordination with various campus and community groups.  The overall mission of the project is to explore the impact of war on the United States through the memories of wartime veterans, their families, and other members of the community served by CSU San Marcos.

WAHA was founded in recognition that our campus currently serves a unique community of active duty and veteran students and their families, as well as the significant role that the military and defense industry has played in the history of southern California.  The initial focus of our efforts, the Story Lab project, is collecting and preserving the stories and memories of campus veterans and active duty service members who have experienced the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But the project also welcomes oral histories from all campus veterans who served in all capacities.  Our goal is to offer a forum for veterans voices to be heard and our hope is to expand this project in the future and collect the stories of veterans, their families, and their communities to capture the experience of war at home and abroad.

Welcome to our site.  Please explore the various links to see and hear the memories of the veterans.  WAHA is an ongoing project, so check back to see what’s new.

For permissions to use this material please contact us at WAHA@csusm.edu

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